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Day trip to Fez, Morocco

 Written by    June 21, 2016

Studying abroad can be a lot of work, so this weekend I took a break and took a short trip to Fez, Morrocco.


We spent the extra $3 for first class, totally worth it!


All the stairs in Morocco are really steep

We wandered around the old city for most of the day. The architecture and designs on every wall were beautiful. The hardest part was finding a place people weren’t taking pictures.


While we were exploring we got a chance to shop a little and meet some of the local shop owners. Everyone was always very excited we spoke (a little) Arabic and would congratulate us.


This is a handmade scarf shop. We got to see them making the scarves on site.


At an apothecary we met some women making Argon Oil

After shopping for a bit, we climbed about a million stairs to see one of Fez’s famous tanneries. This was were we saw the most tourists too, it was a popular spot.


This place was huge!


The tour guides gave us mint leaves to hold next to our nose to drown out the tanner smell (this was very necessary).


Overall it was a great trip, and very easy to plan. Hopefully I will get to go on other adventures next weekend!


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