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The summer after freshman year

 Written by    July 1, 2016

I think the quiet was something that I noticed immensely in the days after I went home. There was no more commotion. No one to bump into just outside my door. But the food was better. There were no more classes to prepare for and the beds were certainly softer.

Showering without shower shoes after many moons was also a very moving experience.

There was also no one to talk to apart from my family. This summer, I found myself in an interesting predicament. Until last summer, I lived in Illinois. After high school, I moved to Connecticut. And of course, I attend Ohio State. My old high school friends live in one state, my new college friends are in another state, and all the while, I am in a completely different state.

What is a man to do when he has all the time in the world and few to spend it with?

Take to video games of course.

Oh and sleep.

Hibernate, rather.

But don’t play too many video games before sleeping, or the two will begin to coincide with one another. I learned this the hard way. I had one dream where I would wake up in my dorm bed again and again. I would look out of my window and the building across the street would be on fire. Then I would hear a knock on my door. Upon opening it, I would be greeted by that crazy guy from Grand Theft Auto.


This one, to be precise. No, I have not been sleeping well lately.

Of course the routine of getting up at 10 a.m., gorging myself, playing video games until my eyes bled profusely, then sleeping for half a day got tiring somewhat quickly.

Consequently, not even a month into break, I started to complain and found myself painfully bored. I got soft. Lethargic. During this first year at Ohio State I was always busy and always had my guard on. Everyday, I was running around campus, bumping into new people, completing new assignments, juggling different challenges. For the first time in my life, I had to do everything by myself without the help of my family (and often without the help of my friends). To have practically every responsibility and need for readiness snatched away from me in the blink of an eye was very…strange. I had no reason to be terribly strong and independent. I fell into a slump.

But my parents told me something that made me rethink my displeasure at being bored, lazy, and tired. They told me that these are the last few summer vacations of my life. These are the last few month-long stretches in which I could do whatever I wanted to do. The last few instances (perhaps for decades to come) where I could afford to be bored, lazy, and tired.

And I suppose with this truth in my mind, I can now look at my situation and realize it is not too hopeless at all. I am home, I am with my family, and I have no worries. And it is not as if I do nothing with my time. My family took a trip to Montreal towards the end of May. Now, in July, we are going to Norway to meet up with more family. In between these trips, I have been helping my parents around the home. I have also gotten a job. I have even been coaching my sister and providing her with crucial tips to improve her performance in Grand Theft Auto.


*sniff* She is learning so fast.

And I am genuinely looking forward to this upcoming school year. After a whole year under my belt, I have established a sturdy footing at OSU. If anything, I have friends and know how to get around campus, and those two things make a world of difference between sophomores like me and the incoming freshman. Plus, when you do not see your friends for months, you cannot wait to reunite with them and share you stories.

So I suppose summer break is a brilliant and magical phenomenon in our young (but not so young) lives that will run its course in due time. With this said, I would advise all college kids to make the most with the luxury to do anything and nothing at all. Talk to your friends. Rediscover the family you had to live without for months. Eat well. Get a job. Play video games. Read a book. Exercise. Travel. Party. Stay up late. Do nothing. Be bored. Get some well-deserved sleep.




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