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Buckeye Broadcaster: CNN at the RNC

 Written by    August 23, 2016

Over the summer, I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to work for CNN in preparation for The Republican National Convention, which was held in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Through Ohio State, several students were selected to act as “stand-ins” for the real reporters and anchors, such as Anderson Cooper. I had the unique experience of sitting in the same chairs, at the same desks, as you see on TV. It was SO COOL!

I had ear pieces in to hear the production team and director, and a headset microphone which produces a clear sound for television viewers. Sometimes, I would spend four hours sitting in the same exact chair, sitting still, with my belly button lined up with a piece of tape, while the crew adjusted lighting and sound details. Who knew that so much work went into a news broadcast?





During breaks, fellow Buckeyes and I were able to explore the beautiful and artsy city of Cleveland, grab a bite to eat, and watch the excitement unfold in the days leading up to the RNC. Oh, and of course, I had to find the infamous picture of my husband, LeBron James! After all, what’s a queen without her king? 🙂 



I had exclusive access to The Q, media row, and several other locations with my credentials. It was a wonderful learning experience and a great place for networking and asking questions. I’m so thankful and proud to say I have worked for CNN! “This is Laura, reporting live, from CNN.”


Just another cool experience, living the life of a Buckeye! Come join us here in Cbus and see where being a Buckeye takes you!

Peace and Progress,


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