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Five things you will do

 Written by    September 9, 2016

Five things you will do during your first few weeks of college:

Entering college, I had a lot of expectations for what college life would be like. What I found out rather quickly, is that the things I was wondering about proved to be the wrong things to analyze. Here are five things that you will encounter when starting college, that may not seem significant now, but frankly shape this new style of living. Rising college freshmen class of 2021: take note.

1.You will eat at random times. 


Do bring snack food. You will need it.

This is for a mixture of reasons. Going to eat is much more fun with friends, so more often than not you will be timing your lunch or dinner to coincide with whenever your friends are planning to eat. Additionally, your sleep schedule will rarely be consistent (see number 2), and you will find yourself yearning for some microwavable ramen noodles at 1 a.m.


2.You will sleep at random times. 


Calculus Duck after a long night of studying

During high school, I was incapable of taking proper naps during the day. I have napped more in my first three weeks of college than during the last few years of high school. Your sleep schedule my vary greatly from one day to the next, seeing as you may or may not (the latter is usually better, its a personal preference) have 8 a.m. classes the following morning. Study habits and homework assignments can further throw this sleep schedule out of whack.

Note: Learn what wakes you up. Is it coffee? Is it sunlight? Is it orange juice? Use that to your advantage. The way you wake up, is just as important to your level of fatigue, than how many hours you slept.


3.You will learn to love Ramen Noodles.


When you just need to have noodles… right meow.

It’s a common stereotype. I know. Still:

Coming into college, I had never tasted these magical quick-to-make just-add-hot-water pasta bowls. Now, I make sure that there are some to be found in my cabinet for the 1 a.m. noodle craving during a late-night engineering group study session.

Trust me on that.


4.You will meet a whole new cast of characters. 


New cast! Who will be who?

If you were to think of your life as a television show (and honestly, who hasn’t ever thought of that before?) college is a season change in which the entire cast is overhauled. There are new neighbors, new friends, new comedic-relief characters, new mentoring characters… etc. You most certainly will enter college with some expectations-and they are all wrong. But that’s not a bad thing. The people you will meet will all have their own fun personalities and intricate mannerisms. Rarely does someone meet so many new people at once, especially in regards to a college situation, where everyone lives so close together.


5.You will work harder, and feel better about it.


Even Tony Stark gets it

College is harder than high school.” We have all heard this phrase repeated over and over again, by every teacher, college advisor, and academic mentor. Is it true? Oh, definitely. But that’s the wrong way to look at it.

Yes, college is harder than high school. That becomes apparent very quickly. However, the mindset is different. Academics in college don’t feel like high school academics. In high school, “school” was the building you attended from 7:30-2:30 (or such). In college, one doesn’t “attend college.” One lives at college.

Naturally, college requires more studying. But studying and homework feel like a natural extension of the environment you are in. College requires more work than high school, but it doesn’t feel as arbitrary as some high school projects may have been.


The point of all of this is: your college experience may very well be different than what you expect. But at the same time, it is exciting, it is liberating, and it is a bizarre new lifestyle you will quickly learn to love.


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