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Don’t boo; Vote!

 Written by    September 20, 2016

This past week, I was lucky enough to attend three different events that centered around this upcoming election on campus.

Last Wednesday, the Alexander Hamilton Society held a “debate” in Saxbe Hall with Professor Schweller arguing for Trump’s foreign policy and the former director for European Affairs at the National Security Council, Nick Dowling, arguing for Clinton’s foreign policy.

Thursday, John R. Seydel, president and CEO of Revolution Nation as well as Trustee at the Ted Turner Foundation, came and spoke to students about the importance of voting as well as their access to his new media format that connects citizens to their representatives to raise awareness about issues they care about most.

Saturday, the halls of the Ohio Union were blessed with the footsteps of both former governor Ted Strickland and Senator Elizabeth Warren (*internal screams*). They both spoke on relative issues regarding the upcoming election. Some students, including myself, got the chance to shake their hands and take awesome new profile pictures with the two after the rally.

In accumulation, after attending all three of these events, there was one general theme that really stuck out to me: We all need to exercise our right to vote.

Your vote DOES matter. This election can rely on what YOU choose to vote for on election day. Your voice CAN be heard.

Live out your civic duty and make sure you register to vote before October 11. No matter if you vote for Hillary, Trump, or even Harambe, your voice does matter, and it is up to our generation to make the effort and make our voices heard if we ever want to change this world for the better.

Don’t boo; Vote!


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