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Being an adult for seven straight days

 Written by    September 23, 2016

Yesterday, while scrolling through quotes to put as an Instagram caption for my birthday post, I paused for a second to think about what a whirlwind my week has been.

Honestly, there’s a Tyra Banks gif for any occasion. (1)

Since the beginning of the week, I stumbled into adulthood in more than one way. I hesitate to say it, but as I sit here I feel like in five days I’ve grown up more than I did all summer.

I went to my first career fair, the 2016 Ohio State Engineering Expo, at the beginning of the week. But so did my TAs, my peers, and pretty much everyone and their brothers. You could tell who the engineers were this week—they were the ones wearing business casual and crying into their padfolios.

“Adulthood is just trying to convince everyone else you know what you’re doing” ~My sister (2)

Needless to say, for a freshman with little experience both technically and professionally, walking in was overwhelming. It made it jarringly real that only four years stand between me and the professional world, and the adage, “You’ll have some time to figure it out,” that parents and aunts and uncles all spew out now has a ticking time limit.

I also had my first midterm this week: a six-question calculus test worth 100 points. I have to say, college midterms are not unlike high school tests, but I still feel like I took a big step. The hours I spent studying for the test should justify that feeling.

So the sprinkles on top of the week was that I actually became and adult yesterday. My roommates made all the jokes about ending my tenure as a dancing queen and going off to buy dry ice and lottery tickets. Eighteen is a milestone birthday, and while I don’t necessarily feel different about being an adult, I feel like this week has pushed me to do so many adult things, I might as well learn how to do taxes or memorize the bus system or something otherwise adulty.





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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello Mary,
    Why did you decide to live on campus instead of staying home with your parents in Westerville? Especially regarding costs. Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Mary Grace Mary Grace says:

      I decided to live in campus for a couple reasons. Yes, living in the residence halls is more expensive than living at home, but I received a few good scholarships from the university, and that coupled with what I had already worked to save made the option financially available to me.
      Secondly, I felt that college was a new step for me. Ohio State was always a bit close to home for me, so living away from home let me establish the independence that I’ve wanted for a long time. College is just as much about school work and academics as it is networking and building new supper systems, and I wanted to do that, as well.
      Thanks for the comment

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