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Campus Discoveries: Cappuccino

 Written by    October 5, 2016

It was over a page of physics homework, waiting for the time to head to my philosophy class, that I found a surprising campus gem. Now, this campus gem is not really a place, although it is associated with one.

Rather, it is… the cappuccino at the Connecting Grounds Cafe.

In the past if I wanted a nicer coffee, I would leave the pleasant section of campus that is filled with chemical laboratories physics buildings, and head over to the partially off-brand Starbucks cafe in the business major side of campus.

*cough*enemy territory*cough*
(a running joke with my friends involves a made up rivalry between the business majors and engineering students)

Instead, this time I ordered my usual cinnamon roll from Connecting Grounds, but followed it up with a cappuccino. A drink I tried only once before in an airport in Munich- and disliked. Yet- maybe because of the strange mindset my philosophy class always put me in (another story), I figured I’d give it a shot.


My favorite way to start the day.

That turned out to be an excellent idea. The coffee was great. In fact, it is my new go-to; and now I don’t have to routinely venture through business major territory. It has a bit of a more classic taste than several other coffees on campus (most notably, the extraordinarily sweet Ohio Union Mocha, which will appeal to the Frappuccino drinker), and I found it the perfect companion to start a day with a physics exam (such as today).

So, why am I sharing this?
Well, my newly started quest to find the best cup of coffee on campus had me wondering: with a campus this large and elaborate, what small discoveries are other students making? Or, in the context of rising freshmen: what will you discover?

One friend told me eagerly of a nice study space they found on a certain floor of a certain library… the specific location removed to keep their space quiet. Another mentioned how they enjoy seeing Mirror Lake at 4 a.m. (a cause my tired self still cannot get behind). Another friend praises the smoothies at the RPAC, along with one specific type of peach juice in the Coke Freestyle machines.

What is college life other than a long series of these small discoveries? It’s not just any college campus. It’s these small experiences that become familiar, which make it your college campus.

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    Good article Alexander. Thanks for sharing.

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