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Hillary comes to Ohio State

 Written by    October 13, 2016

When I first decided to come to The Ohio State University, I knew it would provide me with opportunities I had never had before; countless clubs, activities, and resources would be at my disposal.

However, I didn’t realize just how big of a deal Ohio State really is until this week. I was leaving the game against Indiana on Saturday when someone handed me a flyer. Hillary Clinton was coming to campus! Think what you will about her, and this entire election, but I still think that is pretty cool. I mean, someone who is possibly going to be the next president of the United States is coming to MY school to speak!

I was pretty excited, and I was planning on just standing in the general admission area like everyone else, when a family friend that works for her campaign reached out to me and asked if my friends and I wanted VIP entrance.

DID I WANT VIP ENTRANCE? What kind of question is that? Of course I did! The day of the event rolled around at 6 p.m. sharp I was lined up for VIP entrance. I got a wristband, went through security, and then shoved my way through the section to the second row.

There were at least a few thousand people there, all very high-energy as the end of the election looms closer. Being originally from Maryland, candidates never really spend much time trying to win us over. Ohio on the other hand, wow! Ohio is a pretty important state when it comes to elections. This was definitely not something that I was used to. As a first time voter, the energy really inspired me to be more involved in politics in the future.

Her speech came and went, and she came down the steps of the platform to greet the people in the front rows. My friend asked Hillary if she would take a photo with her, and she handed me her phone to take the picture. I raised the phone to take the picture when Hillary said to me, “Here, come on! You get in too!” as she reached to take the phone from me and handed it to one of her campaign managers.

The possible next president of the United States, and possibly the first female president in history just spoke to me! I highly doubt that is something that would happen back in my small town.

It was really great to see that I had made the right choice coming to OSU. It was clear that Columbus is a place that will provide me with new experiences that I won’t be able to have anywhere else.img_5994

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