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The First Week of a Second Semester

 Written by    January 17, 2017

So, how are all of you? Got past the first week of the semester with flying colors?


Good to hear.

I’ve heard this phrase a lot these few days: “This has been a long week. And we still have a whole semester left,” or at least something similar. And I agree! Maybe it’s because I’ve got an 8 a.m. this semester, but this week has been unusually long-feeling. It’s the same length as any other week, but try telling that to the neurological mechanics in your brain.

Why the first few days of classes went something like this:

NOW!………………….What were we supposed to do again?

It took some time (and bricks) to get back in the flow of things, but now that it’s Sunday, I look back and feel as if two weeks have passed–but only one has.


But, now it’s Sunday, and with all the work that needs to be done being done, I get to do whatever. Whatever in this case being watching copious amounts of Monty Python and playing Pokemon Sun and Moon.


As a side note, suddenly I understand why people like Guzma.

The first week of the semester’s done. And now there, erm… I don’t know, 12-15 weeks or something? To everyone else who felt like this was a long week: Hey, you got past it without bashing your head with a blunt instrument (considering your reading this) so you’ve made it! You can definitely do the rest of the semester.

So here’s to a good semester!


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It’s your boy, Guzma!: (i.ytimg.com/vi/Lnvu-kHAOec/hqdefault.jpg)

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