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Year Two at Ohio State

 Written by    October 17, 2016

I remember how anxious I felt during move-in day as a freshman. Everything was alien. And for the first time in my life, I would have to find my own way without the help of my family.

But this year, I was excited for move-in day. More importantly, I was genuinely happy to be back on campus. Move-in day was, once again, an emotional experience. It is never easy to leave behind your family. But it was not nearly as riveting as it was during my first year.

I realize that during that first year doing things by yourself, as unnerving as it may have been, was a blessing in disguise. When life makes you work hard, you respond. And once you dive head first into a challenge that seems strange and difficult, all the anxiety, fear, and apprehension that may have consumed you will completely dissipate. You put in greater effort to get by. You become stronger. You become more independent. But more importantly, you readily and happily venture down a path to greater self-discovery.

I had already started all of these things last year. And so, my transition into my sophomore year was much easier and much more fun. I began this year with a good footing. I had made many friends. I had figured out my way around campus. I had things to do and people to see.

Nevertheless, I continue broadening my horizons by seeking new challenges, meeting unique and different people, and investing time and work in the people that matter the most.

This year has been good to me in many ways. I have become closer with the friends I made last year. My coursework is manageable. I have also joined numerous clubs on campus. But perhaps the greatest gift that this year has given me is in the form of the five wonderful suitemates that I currently live with.

Let’s see what else my sophomore year at Ohio State will continue to bring with it.



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