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Maryland and Ohio food; what it’s like to leave your comfort zone

 Written by    October 21, 2016

I came to Ohio State so excited to FINALLY be leaving Maryland, after living there for my entire life. I couldn’t wait to see what else was out there for me to see, and who else was out there for me to meet.

It was pretty apparent within the first few days that I was out of my element. Mostly everyone I met within the first few weeks were Ohio natives, and I got to learn about all of the things Ohio has to offer. Toto, I am not in Maryland anymore…


  1. UDF vs. Wawa

Most Ohio residents reading this probably aren’t even aware of what Wawa is, and I can’t blame you. I had no idea what UDF was until two months ago. Shocking, I know. But the two are very similar. Wawa is an east coast treasure: a gas station convenient store sent straight from heaven. Need gas? Wawa. Need coffee? Wawa. Need junk food? Wawa. Need a hoagie? Wawa (This is the most important of all Wawa products. There is no better month than Hoagie-fest, when all hoagies are on sale). United Dairy Farmers is essentially the same, just with ice cream instead of hoagies. A change I’m not necessarily complaining about. I will never object to ice cream.




  1. Buffalo Wild Wings

I had probably eaten Buffalo Wild Wings (sorry, “B-dubs”) maybe twice in my life before coming here, which apparently, to most Ohio residents, is the incorrect way to live. The fact that I had never had boneless wings with Asian Zing sauce was practically a federal offense.



  1. Seafood

You poor, essentially land-locked souls. Yeah, you’ve got some water up north, but you will never know the wonders of the Chesapeake Bay. Yes, the stereotypes are true. We do live off seafood and we do put Old Bay on everything (I brought some with me). I had to change about 90 percent of my diet upon moving here. It’s ok. It’s not your fault. You don’t know any better.



  1. Cane’s

Cane’s is unfortunately a feat I have yet to tackle, but it is definitely on my list. Maybe one day I won’t be too lazy to walk all the way across campus to get there. However, from what I have heard, it is an Ohio treasure, especially late at night to those of the intoxicated variety.



  1. Buckeye Donuts

Now I know that this is just a strictly Ohio State thing, but I couldn’t leave it off the list. This place has easily become my favorite “off-campus” eatery. The doughnuts, the breakfast sandwiches, and the coffee are all to die for, all while staying on your depressingly low budget.



Overall, it’s been interesting to discover that things I find normal sometimes don’t even exist out here. Learning about Ohio has shown me that I made the right decision to get away from my home and comfort zone and expand my horizons, even if so far they’re mostly food-related horizons. Hey, a girls gotta eat.



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