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A (sort-of) campus tour

 Written by    October 24, 2016


This is my interpretation of what actual campus tours look like from a student’s perspective.

So recently my father came into town to visit me as a belated birthday gift. However, “coming into town” for him is a little different: he lives year round in Bangkok Thailand (but is actually moving in a week to Tokyo). My father has lived overseas for the past seven or so years, so he usually can only make it back to the states once a year. But, last year (during my freshman year here) he was unable to make it back, so I never got to give him a formal tour around campus.

But last Thursday, I was able to give him a proper tour, which was actually a very fun experience to not only show off my school but also to reminisce on all the memories I’ve made here in a year.

I showed him the English building (Denney Hall), which is my home as an English major, and tried to explain how in all of its drab, ugly majesty it had a sort of homey feeling. I got to talk about all my fond memories of the classes I’ve had/am having in that building, and even the production I saw from the Lord Denney’s Players.

I got to take him through the Dance Department (Sullivant Hall) and show him the studios where I’ve taken so many classes, and continue to do so. And I remembered the many nights last year that I would study in those big window seats on the second floor (why am I not taking advantage of that this year??).

The other cool thing-not to be too cheesy and make this about past, present, future- was being able to show him where I’ll be living next year. As a junior, I will be moving off campus into a house with some other girls next year. So, I walked my dad past my future house and imagined what living there will be like next year. It was also a little weird to think about this time next year, when I’ll be living in that house, what memories I’ll have of things that haven’t even happened yet this year.

Overall, though, the experience of showing my dad around campus really reminded me how proud I am to be a Buckeye and how happy I am that I made the choice to come to Ohio State.


Indecisively yours,


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