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Good news, Ohio State has a basketball team

 Written by    November 14, 2016

When most people think about Ohio State, they think of the football powerhouse, the NFL draft picks, the Shoe, Urban Meyer, the FIRST champion of the College Football Playoff system, and maybe a scandal that involved a tattoo shop.

As a Sport Industry major and a basketball nut, I want people to think about the Ohio State basketball team too.

Yeah, we’re primarily a football school, we aren’t Duke or Kentucky, and that’s great. BUT, we do have a completely relevant basketball program. Our head coach, Thad Matta, has coached several very successful teams as well as a few NBA players (active players include Jared Sullinger, D’Angelo Russell, and Evan Turner). The Big Ten is a talented basketball conference, and Ohio State plays several extremely talented teams with NBA prospects. Last year, we beat John Calipari’s stacked Kentucky team, and a very talented Iowa basketball team that was ranked in the top ten in the country.

I know, basketball isn’t football, and the Schottenstein Center isn’t Ohio Stadium, but these are still our Buckeyes. The Nut House is an awesome student organization on campus that shows up to the basketball games and has a blast. These people heckle players on the visiting teams, paint their faces, and cheer their faces off for the Bucks. Last year, I bought a student ticket package for basketball season, and it was a great decision. Basketball games are a blast! They’re shorter than football games are, and they are indoors (so you don’t have to freeze, hooray)!

Let’s join Thad Matta and bring Ohio State basketball back! He’s building a talented roster and working on getting us to the Final Four in upcoming years. As a student body, we can make the Schottenstein Center a thrilling atmosphere for college basketball! Basketball is an exciting, intense, fast paced, and beautiful game. If you’re looking for something to do on a random weeknight or a Sunday afternoon, pick up a student ticket, and come out to support the Buckeyes! You won’t be disappointed!

Here are some pictures of my friends and I at the games last year. You could say we had a lot of fun in the Nut House.



Also, two of my friends and I went to the first round NCAA Tournament games in Des Moines. That was fun, too. Basketball is cool.

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