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Taking a Break From Classes

 Written by    November 17, 2016

We’re in the home stretch of the semester, so in order to rest up for these last few weeks I took advantage of the three day weekend and took a trip with my friends to the beautiful Niagara Falls.


It is only a short six hour drive from Columbus, Ohio, to the border crossing to Niagara, Ontario. Believe me it was well worth the drive. We could hear the falls several minutes before we got there. We walked towards the falls from up river, so as we approached we could see the water dropping off like it was the edge of the earth.


Also in case visitors were confused, this helpful sign was at the edge of the river.


We wasted no time in taking lots of artsy photos at the falls:


*gazes poetically at mist*

As college students on a budget, we could only afford to park on the Canadian side of the falls. But everyone said the views from that side were better anyway 🙂


What you can’t tell from this serene photo is how ridiculously cold it was

While we didn’t go to the American side of the falls, we got a great view of the American and Bridal Falls.


rainbow bridge + rainbow

Overall, it was a wonderful trip. Now it’s time to hit the books and finish out this semester. Good luck to everyone, three weeks to finals!



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