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 Written by    November 21, 2016

futurelink_bbSo…if you’re anything like me, you procrastinate from time to time (not to say that homework isn’t always super megafun, cool, awesome, yay). One way I like to make myself feel better about my habit is to spend that time looking for internships/jobs. That’s less bad, right? It’s practical knowledge. I’ll have to do it eventually, ok?

And that’s where FutureLink comes in.

For those of you who have yet to explore FutureLink, it’s a part of the College of Arts and Sciences Career Services website where employers post a variety of positions. There’s on-campus and off-campus work, as well as internships. FutureLink will even tailor to your specific interests and create a list of filtered job postings it suspects are more applicable to you. Needless to say, very helpful. But, also, a lot of fun for not-so-bad-procrastinating.

Last year, I got my summer internship at a local newspaper through FutureLink!

So, if you’re just procrastinating, or if you’re beginning your search for summer work, or you’re looking for jobs next semester, I’d definitely recommend FutureLink!

Also, here’s a sloth if you’re still procrastinating after browsing through FutureLink. (I aspire to be this happy in life)


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