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Diversity of Ohio State is pretty fascinating

 Written by    November 30, 2016

There are so many adjectives to describe The Ohio State University. Most of all, the one word that I like the most is “homogenous.” Since I graduated from a small private school with 77 people in my class, the environment where I felt the most comfortable was relatively far from “diversified.”

However, I wholeheartedly say being in this diverse community has grown me as a more mature and understanding person.

I have been in a place where I naturally get to learn how to open my heart to people who are coming from a totally different side of the spectrum in terms of cultural background in regardless of ethnicity, religion, interest, sexuality, and economic status. I have been learning the importance of inclusiveness and how to compromise with different perspectives.

At Ohio State University, I do not feel like I only am struggling to drag up the diversity level of the community, which I humbly say that I am incapable of, but the whole community works together to include and accept one another, by listening and understanding.

It is heartbreaking that this aspect can get messy when it ends up falling into a political category just like we have seen last couple of months as the most controversial election in the history took place. However, I strongly want to believe, and I would love to encourage every single person who also is a member of this community, that accepting each other as who they are and unification can be the strongest component of any community, especially here at The Ohio State University where diversity itself is us.

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