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A short reflection on the incident

 Written by    November 30, 2016

People most likely have heard and talked about the incident from Monday, November 28, for millions of times, but I think there are some points that are worth being emphasized. The quick reaction of the first responders and the school definitely deserve compliments. In addition, I was truthfully grateful and impressed by how the community gathered and unified as soon as we found it out. It was the most awesome thing to see people checking in with each other, contacting their loved ones by phone calls, texts, or even social media notification, and making sure everyone who they know was okay within the short period of time.

I truly believe that the unification that the community showed was pretty significant to prevent worse scenarios. I would never forget the moment when people from my floor and I were sitting together in the common area, watching the news and outside where the event occurred through the window, and bringing everyone together. It will be hard to erase the scars from the event that occurred on the Monday right after Thanksgiving break. It was so horrendous and shocking. However, one thing that shined in the darkness was definitely the community.  

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