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The Curse of Indecision: Study Abroad

 Written by    December 19, 2016

If there were a written account of every time my CID (Crippling Indecision) flared, you’d have enough for a chunky anthology. And, yeah, everyone suffers from some CID every now and again, but it’s a chronic condition for me. I’ll have an episode over the littlest things (*cough* what exercise I want to do next when working out *cough*). But, like I said, that’s an anthology of chronicles and I’m not here to drone on about all those little things. Currently, my CID is flaring due to a much more reasonable situation: where I want to study abroad.

Ohio State offers a plethora of study abroad programs that vary in length, location, and language. Since the beginning of this past semester, I have been looking into May-mester programs for this upcoming May. For those who are unfamiliar with the term “May-mester”, one option for the length of your study abroad program is to go overseas for a month in May. As much as I would love to go overseas for a full semester (or longer!) it’s proving to be a little complicated with my schedule/summer plans. So, I’ve settled on doing a May-mester–one decision down.

And, after lots of looking, I’ve managed to narrow it down to two different programs–second (sort of) decision down.

The first is Berlin, Then and Now. This program is centered in Berlin for the month of May, and it focuses on how the city has been, or is being, shaped by various events and people. While the program is in English (and open to all majors), it is primarily appealing to me because the language I have studied at Ohio State is German. So, this program would give me practical experience speaking, as well as provide with an opportunity to learn colloquial German.

The second is Film and Art in a Global Context. This program focuses, as the title suggests, on film and art in various outlets and across various mediums. Rather than staying in one place like the Berlin study abroad, this May-mester will travel to five different locations: NYC, Athens, Paris, Berlin, and Venice. This is wildly enticing in terms of topic, since I have a huge interest in film; my career aspiration is to be a film journalist/critic. So, it would be an incredible experience to travel around and experience different art cultures.

But, I am only able to apply to one program. So, you see why my CID is flaring. I’m at a loss of which program to choose and the deadline is right around the corner (Jan. 4). On the one hand, I could pick a program that would give me practical language skills. On the other hand, I could pick a program that allowed me to experientially learn about a topic critical to my future career. What do I do?

If you haven’t figure it out already, this isn’t going to be a post with an answer at the end. I have no clue which one I’ll choose, but I just wanted to share my dilemma with you. Because, while it is an issue for my CID, it’s a pretty great issue for Ohio State to have so many amazing study abroad programs.

(Very) Indecisively yours,


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  1. Rylan Rylan says:

    Hi Eleonor! Thanks so much for the input. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it!

  2. Avatar Eleonor says:

    Hi, Rylan, I think you should choose the second program – you will visit different places, you could still practice a bit your German (when you are in Berlin) and it will be nurturing for your dream career. With the second option you will gain more for the short time you have. Good luck with whatever you choose 🙂

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