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What I learned from first final exams in college

 Written by    December 22, 2016

One thing that other freshman friends and I agree about: final exams in college count for more of the final grade than the ones in high school. Unlike high school where a number of in-class components, such as assignments and quizzes, give you a better chance to bring up the grade for the class, in college the final exam grade itself is a big portion of the final grade.

Once my friend and I had to circle around the campus for more than 40 minutes to find a spot to study. My suggestion for the weekend before finals is 1) go find a seat early; 2) on your own. It is easier to find a single seat than two or more for both you and your friend(s). If you want to study as a group, reserve a spot at Thompson beforehand; 3) go to places other than Thompson. Any open spot that offers you a proper studying atmosphere is more than great. I have seen people in empty classrooms, the Union, cafes, conference rooms, etc. For your information, do not expect to find a seat later when you leave for lunch and come back.

Not all professors give out a study guide. Forming a study group and sharing a study guide are never bad ideas, but if you have attended lectures diligently and took impeccable notes, you should be okay.   

Eat abundantly and stay healthy. The final week of first semester is not exactly so pleasant for many people in terms of weather. It starts snowing and the temperature drops exceedingly. On the top of that, people skip meals. It is really hard to stay healthy around finals, but otherwise, you will be miserably sick while studying.

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