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A little reflection about the first semester in college

 Written by    December 22, 2016

“Time went by so fast, but at the same time, it feels like it has been more than a semester.” This is what I have been saying a lot lately. The first semester at Ohio State was a total blast that made me forget how fast my life was rolling. However, considering what I have gone through or what I have learned, it really does not seem like it was a short period of time like this.

I have to say, this one semester was so full of enjoyment. It is not because of tremendous achievements or anything; actually it was far from that. Nevertheless, I loved discovering a new aspect of myself and connecting with people with same interests. School never has been this much interesting as I got to put my whole heart and effort into something I truly enjoyed. It was full of opportunities to have new perspectives in a various range of topics. Enthusiasm for this school and football and pride to be a Buckeye were the most exciting things I have experienced.

This is a picture of my roommate and me. Excuse us for our less-organized room, but I have to say after a semester in college, this is not so bad.

I am more than happy that I made the decision to come to the The Ohio State University. All the experiences in and outside the classroom were inspiring and perpetually remembered. This one semester was enough to know how people can say they are a “Buckeye for life,” and I am so pumped to continue living this life.

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