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Ben’s STEP Adventure- Day 4

 Written by    December 28, 2016

Thursday-Final Day
Irving, Hamilton, Whitman

Welcome back to the fourth and final day of Ben’s STEP Extravaganza Adventure, starring Ben and Nate Steingass (pictured below).

(Also featuring Dad. Hi, Dad)

Unlike the rest of my entries, this one was written approximately a week later, following Christmas (things have been hectic, I’m sorry, you understand? I hope? If not, it doesn’t really matter, all of them are going up now) (I’m also writing this after hearing Carrie Fisher died, so this one might not be as rip roaring hilarious as the others). Regardless, I promise a great and thrilling read!

Waking up early, we set our course for a hodgepodge of settings from Washington Irving’s short story, “The Tale of Sleepy Hollow.” In case you haven’t read it, it’s SPOOKY! Well, not too spooky, but it’s an intriguing and historically significant quick read that everyone should invest the 30 minutes to finish. With that in mind, we first arrived at the famous bridge in the story, located right next to a chapel featured prominently in the tale.

The church is situated on a fairly extensive graveyard, where I decided we should spend some time wandering (in order to truly get in touch with our haunted setting).

Two things: 1) A lot of people there died from the Revolutionary War, which is pretty bizarre to see marked graves in this country from such an old era, and 2.) Apparently someone named Icabod was a big deal, because this marker was found EVERYWHERE:

(that was a joke)(laugh)(“please clap”)(-JEB!)

Following our excursion in the graveyard, we decided to make the most of our time and head into uptown Manhattan in order to visit the Hamilton Grange (you would like it uptown; it’s quiet uptown) (this, by the way, is not true about uptown).

A word to the wise: NEVER DRIVE INTO NEW YORK CITY. Don’t even think about driving into the city. What was that? Did you just imagine what it would be like to drive into NYC? STOP IT. NOW. Take a taxi, subway, ride a horse, teleport, do whatever: JUST DON’T DRIVE INTO THE CITY.

That being said, we drove into the city, in the hopes of visiting Alexander Hamilton’s house. After driving around for an hour and a half trying to find parking, we happily discovered IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! For people with anxiety issues, this was just a beautiful amalgamation. So blessed. These are the only pictures taken on the actual island…

So picturesque.

With that, we made the executive decision to drive to Long Island and visit Walt Whitman’s boyhood home. We gratefully accepted this idea. After two hours of trying to navigate the Long Island Expressway (which, according to Alec Baldwin on Friends, “It’s a concrete miracle!”), we finally arrived at the house, which is located directly next to a Chiptole! God does exist.

I’m not sure if any of you have watched the Parks and Rec episode where the gang goes camping and they end up staying at this extremely antiquated and unorthodox hotel, but visiting the Walt Whitman House was the exact same experience. Essentially: two workers who were very kind, but not in touch with modern society, greeted us and led us around the grounds. Nevertheless, the workers were very informative, and showed us the ins and outs of the house. Surprising fact, the Whitman family loved the color sky blue.

After our time at the house, we had to head back to Laguardia in order to make our flight back to Columbus. We said goodbye to our good good car boy, he served us very well during the trip with no problems whatsoever. Passing security, waiting a few hours, eating a few meals, we finally boarded our plane and landed in beautiful Cbus, greeted by my fantastic HD who was so generous as to pick us up from the airport (Boss Goals).

In the end, my experience in the New England was extremely profound and impacting to both my educational and personal growth. I was able to successfully plan and execute an entire trip independently of any parental unit or travel agent, I learned to not eat chili when your stomach doesn’t feel good in the first place, I learned to successfully drive through rush hour New England traffic. More importantly, I was able to deeply connect with something I am deeply passionate towards, literature: both its inspiration and its conception. If there are any other literary buffs out there looking for an exciting trip to take to appease your wallet, mind, and body, I would highly suggest exploring New England’s literary history.

Before I leave, I want to let you all know that you can see my entire photo album online by clicking here:


I got a camera specifically for this trip, so I hope you all enjoy looking at these beautiful gems I was able to capture.

Thanks for following my journey. Hopefully you laughed, cried, lost a few pounds, got rid of your spider veins (those are things, right?), and maybe slightly perhaps enjoyed this just a minute bit. Have a happy holiday, and as always, go Bucks!

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