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The Official Answers to the “Winter Break Questions”

 Written by    December 28, 2016

Coming home for winter break means I’m subject to the many repetitive questions from relatives and family friends about my first semester at Ohio State. I’m glad they’re interested in hearing about my time at college, but it can be a little tiring to answer the same questions over and over again. So, for my own convenience, I’ve put my official answers to the “Winter Break Questions” right here.

How are you liking Ohio State? I really like it! I’ve met a lot of people on my floor through the Politics, Society and Law Scholars program that I’m a part of, so it’s been a lot of fun.

How are your classes? My classes were good! My astronomy lecture was really interesting and I got to go downtown to see Macbeth for my theatre class.

Have you been going to the football games? I went to almost all the football games this season and it was a lot of fun! (I couldn’t make it back for the Michigan game, but I usually leave that part out.) Here’s a picture with some of my friends from PSL Scholars at the Rutgers game.

Photo credit: My friend Shirley

How’s the food? The food is actually pretty good! I love pasta week at Kennedy Commons, and I’ve often had to restrain myself from getting too much soft-serve ice cream.

This is, more or less, the conversation I’ve been having with most adults I’ve encountered since I’ve been home. I hope everyone is having a good winter break and isn’t dreading hearing the words “How’s college?” yet again!



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