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Hidden Figures

 Written by    January 17, 2017

Finally man, a movie that I feel like was made JUST FOR ME (a smart black girl with a chip on her shoulder) and I’m clearly using the word “smart” very loosely because these women were geniuses and I just barely made the dean’s list BUT I DIGRESS

I’m not going to give you all of the history behind Hidden Figures because by now if you haven’t seen it you probably just don’t care. But listen, I have always been passionate about movies due to my parents’ obsession with speaking to us using only quotes from movies.

All I know is movie quotes.

So obviously seeing this movie with my parents on opening night was a no-brainer and LEMME TELL YA every second of that movie felt like it was made just so I could see it on that day at that time with those people.

Honestly this movie just reminded me that it is okay to be a black girl with a little bit of attitude, who speaks her mind and demands respect. It encouraged me to remain who I am without needing to conform to what everyone else tells me to be. The movie almostĀ  (I’m a thug) brought me to tears on multiple occasions, not because of sadness but simply because of the amount of pride I felt seeing strong black women overcome obstacles that seemed truly impossible.

Even better was the fact that I was sitting next to my mom, one of the strongest black women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Being able to rejoice in the power of my people along with my mother is a feeling I can’t really describe. There were some moments in the movie I just wanted to jump up and tell my mother, “THAT’S YOU, that strength, that determination, that attitude man! I’ve seen it in you in everything you do!”

It’s honestly amazing how a film can evoke so many emotions, something as simple as learning about our history has given us the encouragementĀ to continue being unapologetically ourselves, especially during a time where it seems everyone else in the world wants to shut us up.

If you’re a young black woman you should absolutely see this movie. I truly believe it was made with you in mind. And if you’re a human person on this Earth you should absolutely see this movie, because it is not just about black history, it is about your history, too.

Hidden no more.

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