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What the heck

 Written by    January 17, 2017

I’m mad y’all.

“Why are you mad Ana?”


ummmmmm I’ve got a bone to pick with The Ohio State University.

I, Ana Gertrude Hoosier, am about to be a third year here at Ohio State. I love it here–I wouldn’t mind living here forever tbqh. I’ve lived on campus last year and this year and I love it. Especially my location this year for obvious reasons. So, being the relatively logical person that I am. I would like to stay on campus next year.

I realize this is quite unusual as most people like to live off campus after their housing contract is up, but honestly I want to live as close as possible to Scott by any means necessary. However, my dreams and aspirations might just be crushed because this (beautiful…amazing) university has accepted so many freshman for next year, they may not be able to accommodate all upperclassmen who want to stay on campus.

Now listen, I am all for acceptance. I truly want as many people as possible to come to this school, but also… I want there to be enough housing for people who want to live close to their favorite dining halls. Idk just a thought.

Lucky for us there’s a lottery for upperclassmen who want to stay on campus! And we all know what a lucky person I am. Anyways, it just kind of sucks that if I don’t get randomly chosen to live on campus I’ll have to find an off-campus apartment where I have to do “grown up” things and make food for myself (how do ovens work?).

 So yeah, what the heck Ohio State.

(still love u tho)

angry me

funniest vine ever


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