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We had an Accidental Ryan Gosling Weekend and it was Totally Awesome

 Written by    January 17, 2017

It’s Week One of spring semester. Through the halls of Taylor Tower, you’re just as likely to see people already cramming for their classes as you are to see people blasting music before heading out to High Street. School resumed only five days ago, and Ohio State students already had a day off. This weekend was an interesting one; a rare time where the melding of social life and student life is easier—friends are more accessible and the homework load is not yet too heavy to bear.

That left my roommates and I without much of a plan. On Thursday night we started the first hour and a half of the movie The Big Short, celebrating a quiet night at school without the looming stress of midterms or finals. Explicitly hanging out like that is not generally a planned weeknight activity for my friends and I; we’re suffering honors students most of the time.

Ryan Gosling in character as Jared Vennett [1]

We finished the movie on Friday and made tentative plans to see La La Land in theatres on Saturday, another throwaway plan we made because we actually had the time. (Last semester we saw a lot of movies at the Gateway at 2 a.m. because we’d be done with our homework by that time.)

10/10 would see again. [2]

La La Land was an excruciating movie made no less beautiful by its nostalgia, but afterward we needed something a little less heavy. And what did you know, there’s another Ryan Gosling/Emma Stone movie that’s significantly lighter? It was 11 p.m. but we stopped by Taylor’s front desk and checked out Crazy, Stupid, Love, and by the time we finished we realized we’d watched three Ryan Gosling movies in as many days.

Same. [3]

So, entirely by accident, by circumstance and general boredom, we made a thing out of it. The parts of campus west of High Street had a January quiet to them, and apart from a few introductory math problems and two separate SVU marathons, I didn’t have a lot of other plans.

On Sunday we watched The Notebook and sat in our dorm room trying not to cry at the iconic level of cliché the movie has. Afterward we sat on our phones on Buzzfeed and took as many Ryan Gosling quizzes as we could, including–

Which Ryan Gosling Character are you Based on your Zodiac?

Which Ryan Gosling Character is your Soulmate

Two Truths and a Lie: Ryan Gosling Edition

Ryan Gosling is not my favorite actor (we had the Reynolds vs Gosling argument this weekend, don’t worry), but after four of his movies in one weekend (and a fifth one planned), I can’t say I dislike him.

“It wasn’t over…it still isn’t.” [4]

The purpose of this bizarre and spontaneous weekend was less to “Hey Girl” our way across several genres of movies, but to enjoy the calm before the storm hits. I have to say, it was pretty nice to lounge about eating junk food with my best friends all weekend, rather than trying to keep up with their conversations while simultaneously worrying about some physics problem or another. It was a nice reminder that college should really be a balance between school and social activities. Last semester I did not do the best job at either (I always had way too much of one or the other), and in the end the movie marathon was a nice way to keep that balance in mind.

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