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How to Properly Use Your Day Off

 Written by    January 17, 2017


My Interns girls at our service site!

One of my favorite things about Ohio State is the endless opportunities handed to its students. One of those opportunities is MLK Day of Service. Twice a year, Pay It Forward, a community organization on campus, hosts a service day for the entire university. These days give students and faculty the chance to go out into the Columbus community and volunteer. The volunteers are split up into groups and bused to over fifty different volunteer sites.  It is truly moving to see how many students give up their day off to make a positive difference in their community.

Our hair nets were the highlight of the day.

I have been privileged to participate in both days of service. Most recently, I participated in MLK Day of Service.  Like many other students, I volunteered with my student organization, Interns. We all arrived at The Union around 7:45 in the morning on our day off. After waiting in line for an hour (that’s how many students volunteer!) we finally got our free t-shirts, breakfast, and were sent off to our service site.

Our proud funnel captain!

My group worked with a program called “Feed the Funnel.” We were in charge of packaging meals for Neighborhood Food Services, one of the food banks in Columbus. The organization was very good about keeping their volunteers involved. They brought their own DJ who played music for us to sing and dance to. They also had a huge bell that rang each time we packaged 1,000 more meals. The two hours of service went extremely fast as I worked alongside some of my best friends and in such a positive environment. After our day was over, we had packaged 19,000 meals! How cool is that?

    Happy serving!

Although, it could be a day used to sleep in, I believe that all students should participate in a Day of Service. 

To me, these days are always so rewarding and I hope that all Buckeyes can experience at least one during their years at Ohio State.

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