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MLK Day of Service with my Residents

 Written by    January 19, 2017

This Monday on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, six of my residents and I went to Pay it Forward’s fantastic Day of Service program.

We arrived at 7:45 a.m. Even thought that was the time registration opened, the line was already wrapped around the building several times. Luckily we got a spot just inside the building so we didn’t have to wait in the cold.

So many Buckeyes came out to help give back to the community!

We stood in line and got our t-shirts. After about 30 minutes we were still in line and just about to get to the legal waiver station. One of the volunteers from Pay it Forward started coming down the line apologizing, saying that they were probably going to run out of spots and that we could leave or stick around and see if we happened to get assigned to a site. My group briefly discussed it and decided that we already woke up, so we might as well stick it out.

At about 8:45 they announced that all of the sites were full. My group moved to the side to decide what we wanted to do next since we didn’t get a site to volunteer at. Forever indecisive, my residents spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out where we could all agree to eat. Right before 9 o’clock, a volunteer came up to our circle and told us that a large group had just left and that they had a few spots left at the meal packing station!

We packed meals for the Pack Shack and had a pretty fun time doing it to!

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They had a great set up with funnels and music and a gong they would ring for every 1,000 meals we packed.

After over 20,000 meals were packed, we headed over to get some pizza and debrief on the day. We learned a lot about homelessness and food security in Columbus, and found a productive and fun way to spend our day off.

Overall, it was a wonderful program and Pay it Forward did a fantastic job organizing it. We will definitely be returning next year!

20,160 meals made, packaged, and shipped off for those in need #thxMLK

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