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A little appreciation for Ohio weather

 Written by    January 20, 2017

People always ask me what are some of the things that I love about Ohio State. Trust me, there are plenty; the list practically goes on and on. But, one interesting thing that always baffles people is that I love the weather here in Columbus.

Now, Midwest weather is nothing to rave about. It is definitely not like Florida with its warm days, the sun that makes your skin shine, and palm trees. But, I like to look on the positive side of life and living in the Midwest.

Being from Chicago, the weather, in all honesty, is absolutely dreadful. With the lake effect snow and wind speeds that can get up to about 30 mph, it is no fun to even be outside for a second. I never really realized how cold it actually was there until I realized how much nicer the weather was in Columbus.

Don’t get me wrong, the weather here is still very far from being at a school farther south. But what I love about the weather here is that you get to feel the temperature change along with the seasons changing, but it isn’t unbearable. It doesn’t feel like you are going to die stepping outside, but rather a temperature that is relatively doable.

Now that I am back from winter break, it has really made me realize how much I truly love it here at Ohio State. Little things like it being 10 degrees cooler remind me of this every day. Ohio State is a truly special place; somewhere that you can truly be yourself and accomplish many things. Ohio State is hands down one of the best places on Earth (we all might be a tad biased) and I am so excited to start my second semester here.

Go bucks!

Much love for University Hall

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