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Yes, There Is A Hammock Club

 Written by    January 23, 2017

For those of you who don’t know, second semester of freshman year of college is a little bit like seasons 1 – 8 of “How I Met Your Mother.” As in, that’s what it’s famous for.

Armed with the confidence of surviving finals and rattled by the shock of going home for winter break and finding yourself utterly bored, you’re ready to come back. And you have begun to discover previously unbeknown hacks on campus to make life a little more exciting. For example, my roommate believes that water from the third floor of SEL is the best water at a campus library. (A side note: we now know not to call it “18th Avenue Library.” It is akin to using the “Freshman Alert” Snapchat filter.) This same roommate has discovered how to strategically layer her Scott boxes to maximize food content (dry, flat foods at the bottom, and work your way up). It is very exciting. I discovered that SEL has moving bookshelves in the basement and now like to pretend that I am in Hogwarts when I study there. Incidentally, the Grand Reading Room in Thompson also looks like the Hogwarts library. There is also a Harry Potter club and a Quidditch league. Sorry. Tangent.

I was surprised coming back to campus that, with a smoother navigation of my days, my workload did not feel so massive anymore–I had more free time. So, in honor of those of you also plagued by the what-do-I-do-now’s (never mention that you have free time to anyone who is an engineer or pre-med. Trust me, my sister is both), and in honor of the Student Involvement Fair last Thursday, I decided to compile a list of student orgs to get involved in.

But I figured everyone has heard of USG and BuckeyeThon and OUAB. (If you haven’t, literally just walk into the Union.) Have you ever heard of CHAARG, though? Because it is real, it is cool, and it is exciting. Even more exciting than the maximized Scott boxes. So if you’re looking for something unconventional to spend your time on, here are a few of the smaller, offbeat clubs on campus. (Search any student org here: activities.osu.edu/involvement/student_organizations/find_a_student_org.)

Buckeyes for Canines

They help local dog shelters! They bring in dogs to play with! They are… Buckeyes for Canines!


Never Let Your Pen Dry

A slam poetry club. Yes yes yes! All my life, all I have ever wanted to do was listen to good poetry and eat pizza! THAT IS THE DREAM!



It stands for “Changing Health, Attitudes, and Actions to Recreate Girls.” Basically, their goal is to motivate girls to exercise and have fun while exercising. Tell me that doesn’t sound amazing!


Club Hype

EDM and global work! This year, they are holding an EDM concert to raise money for El Salvador athletic programs.


The Boo Radley Society

This one’s a little more well known. They perform random acts of kindness on campus, like giving people high fives and flowers and cookies. My friend wanted to join this so he could slide cookies under people’s doors in the middle of the night. I told him that’s not exactly how it works.


Hammock Club

You see them on the Oval and they’re contagious. Their slogan is “Buckeyes that swing together stay together.” Join this for all the people that can’t.

Twitter handle: @OSUhammockclub

Students for Education Reform

Okay, I’m a little biased because this is one that I’m in. But I’m in it because SFER is amazing. We campaign for educational equity in the K-12 school system. Last year, our members advocated for House Bill 410 ending Zero Tolerance policies and once went to a school, dressed up in Halloween costumes, and hosted a Halloween party for preschoolers. SFER helps both amplify your voice in education-related issues that we’ve all been through and makes you feel all warm and cozy.


Jump Rope

Oh my god. I saw them perform once. They could do things with their jump ropes I couldn’t do without a jump rope.


Considering that there are over 1300 student orgs at Ohio State, I definitely didn’t even scratch the surface here. But, if you’re trying to fill up your free time this semester, hopefully you realize that whether you’re a light saber freak, an anime fanatic, or just a normal ol’ weirdo, there’s a club for you!

Someone please start a collage club so I can learn to do it properly.

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