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Online Classes: Learning in Your Pajamas

 Written by    January 27, 2017

If you had asked me six months ago what I thought about taking a class online, I probably would have shrugged and said I didn’t feel like it was for me. However, by way of recommendation from a friend and scheduling conflict, I’m currently in two online courses: CSE 2111 and Anthropology 2200. Three weeks in, here’s what I’ve learned (besides how to write a Boolean function on Excel and the steps that led to Darwin’s theory of evolution:)

  • I have a lot of free time…
    • On Mondays and Wednesdays I have only one class in person that starts at 1:50, and on Tuesdays I have no class between 10 and 4. Last semester, I did not have many breaks between classes in my schedule, and taking online classes seemed like a solution to that problem. Now I don’t have to worry about rushing to avoid being late to class, and some days I don’t even have to get dressed for class until noon! Although I am not someone who sleeps late, I think taking online classes would be great for people who do so they can set their own schedule.
  • …or do I?
    • Of course, the content of the classes is the same as if it were in person, so I still have to put in the same amount of work. The long breaks in my schedule are largely usedĀ up by taking notes from the lecture PowerPoints, doing practice problems, and completing online labs. Fortunately, I’ve been able to set my own schedule to my advantage, like going over the lecture slides over the weekend so I have more time for review and practice during the week. Still, the realization that I couldn’t spend 6 hours on Tuesdays watching The West Wing came as a disappointment.
  • I know almost no one who is taking the same classes
    • One thing I was worried about online classes would be that I wouldn’t have anyone else in my class to go to if I needed help or just someone to study with. While I do have one friend who is taking the same CSE section as me, for the most part this has come true. So far I have been all right on my own, and if I need help before midterms I can always see the professor and ask if they know of anyone else who wants a study partner.

My schedule for Monday through Wednesday. Note: All that white space is usually taken up by intense staring at Punnett squares and Excel formulas

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