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What I have learned since the second semester started: academic-wise.

 Written by    January 30, 2017

This second semester has been severe—I have 8 a.m. classes, which I totally did not intend to do so, and my schedule is poorly distributed with four classes on Wednesdays and Fridays, but only one on Tuesdays. And I would love to share what it has been and what I learned from last three weeks.

  1. 8 a.m. is not so bad: I was devastated to figure out that that was my only option. And I still feel depressed to see how pitch-black outside is when I wake up. I am NOT a morning person and I love to have a plenty of time to prepare for the day in the morning, but I have to admit that having 8 a.m. classes is a huge help to have a productive day. I like knocking out two classes in the morning, while others are still in bed, and keep rolling for the day. Believe me, I was in misery when I registered for this semester and it IS tiring, but considering the amount of study load in this semester, it has been pretty good.
  2. Efforts do not betray you. THEY TRULY DO NOT: I hesitate to say that the amount of time studying equilibriums the grade, because some people spend a lot of time but still aren’t doing awesome in class (which I personally think is an indicator that there can be a more productive and efficient way) and others spend unfairly a small amount but still get a great grade. Here is my story: I am taking a calculus and CSE class (pretty basic, but I had absolutely no background about computer programming). I am not a math or computer person and I spend LOTS OF, SERIOUSLY LOTS OF TIME studying both. People who did not know me previously asked me if I was engineering major because I would study those two a lot. And I am so glad that I can say that I started to see the rewarding outcomes.

    This is from one night when I used the wall in my dorm as whiteboard to solve math problems. It has been quite normal to see me writing something on the wall since I started taking math.


  3. Life will keep getting busy: I thought my life could not get busier than my first semester. And it did not take so long to realize that I was wrong. I sometimes forget that I need to do my laundry or empty out the trash can, and I sometimes need to skip meals (that I am trying to fix. We need to stay healthy, friends.) I can feel my exhaustion of my body by the time I go to bed, which thankfully makes me just pass out at night.

    This is a list of math problems to prepare for midterm. I was shocked that we have a midterm in the fourth week of semester and still two (or three?) more to go.


  4. I still do not know where I am going: I don’t like making excuses. I really don’t. But on the first day, I realized that Ohio State has SO MANY buildings that I never heard of before and that was totally over my head again.  
  5. LIFE IS GOOD: Life is tough, and so crazily busy. Yet, it is so good. I feel more than blessed to learn and so excited to actually apply the knowledge and skills to real life later. I understand how it can be so stressful. I seriously so well know that. But I want you to remember that in shortsighted eyes, life looks so miserable and hopeless, but in long term, it will be so rewarding. I know that, my friends. College is good. Life is great.

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