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Sorority recruitment as told by Ron Swanson GIFs

 Written by    January 30, 2017

As my first week of being a sorority woman is coming to a close, I found myself reflecting on recruitment and how the process, while painful, has already proven itself to be extremely rewarding.

Days 1-2: Meet the chapters

Over these two days you have to prepare yourself for meeting all 15 houses that are active here on Ohio State’s campus. It sounds easy; you walk in, talk to a few girls, and take a look around your possible future home. However, doing this 15 times gets to be exhausting, after all, one can only girl-flirt for so many hours in one day. After smiling for so long I started to feel like this:

Day 3: Philanthropy

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a day as long as this. Philanthropy day is for the true warriors. Although this day is long, it is full of passionate girls talking about really great causes that they love to share with others. My advice? Pack snacks. At the end of the day I may have been a little “hangry,” and possibly consumed my body weight in food.

Day 4: Sisterhood

Get ready to girl-flirt again, ladies. By now your options have been narrowed down significantly, and you get to know your remaining houses a lot better. If you’re not one for affection, sisterhood day may be hard for you since is literally a day dedicated to each house talking about how much they love each other.

However, if you’re like me, and you DO care for that, then you’ll feel more like this:

Day 5: Preference

This is the last official day of recruitment before Bid Day. On this day, you’ll attend one last “party” at each of your remaining houses, with everyone dressed in their Sunday best. Then, you’ll only have 24 hours to think about basically everything you said over the last 5 days, and wonder who you got a bid from!

Day 6: Bid Day!

At last! You have reached the end! On this day you get to open up your bid, and run to your new home and dance with your new sisters!

Although I joke about recruitment, it really was a great experience that has already lead me to so many new people and experiences at Ohio State.

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