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The Stages of Rushing

 Written by    February 1, 2017

Stage One: This stage occurs a month before formal recruitment. You have always silently thought about rushing a sorority but never knew if it was right for you. As the days grew closer, however, you decided rushing would help you meet a ton of new friends. You hesitantly fill out the application and promise yourself that you don’t need to actually join a sorority.

Stage Two: Formal recruitment has finally arrived. The first step in the process is meeting in the Grand Ballroom with all 1,300 aspiring PNMs (girls who are rushing). At this stage you feel entirely overwhelmed. Does Greek life live up to its stereotypes? Is it like what I have seen in the movies? Will I actually find friends in this mob of girls? Upon leaving the meeting with your hallmates, you will talk about wanting to give up already (and then proceed to plan out outfits for the first day).

Stage Three: Also known as the “hey this is actually fun!” stage. Who knew that talking to forty different girls at fifteen different houses could be so fun? And, even though it is freezing cold as you stand outside the house, the girls in line will end up being some of your closest friends!

Stage Four: The “wait I thought I had a great connection with that house” stage. Unfortunately, day three is cut day. Your house count goes from 15 to 11. Some of your favorite houses will drop you and leave you lost and confused. However, you will persevere through Philanthropy Day and realize that the houses that called you back really match your personality the best. You will fall in love with the service that the sororities do and realize that there is so much more to Greek life than you thought.

Stage Five: No seriously, we had a great connection. Today is the biggest cut day. Sadly, many of your friends will drop out of recruitment. You will be extremely annoyed with the phrase “trust the system”. You begin to doubt you are rushing in the first place. Then you will look down at the list of remaining houses. There will be one house that sticks out on that list. You will go through Sisterhood Round and reaffirm your favorites.

Stage Six: How do I choose? After Preference Round ends you will be forced to choose only three houses. Preference Round really impresses you. It will be a difficult decision. All of your remaining houses want you and now it is up to you to choose your home.

Stage Seven: Finding your home. Aka Bid Day. After all of your classes end, all 900 PNMs who are left head to the union. You are handed your bid and you have to sit on it until they let you open it up. Nerves fill the room as girls hope their favorite house is listed on that card. Finally, the time comes to open up the bid. You tear open the bid and sprint to your new home.

For me, I ran into the arms of my new sisters. They swiftly loaded me onto a bus and took me bowling. Now trust me, I was not a fan of Greek life. But let me tell you, it is not what you think it is. The sorority that I joined is full of bright, passionate girls. They all hold leadership positions around campus, want to grow up to be doctors, lawyers, teachers, they value their philanthropy, and would drop anything to support their sisters. Give rushing a chance. If anything, you will meet new friends and improve your public speaking skills!

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