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Becoming an Ohioan

 Written by    February 1, 2017

I feel as if I have lived in Ohio my whole life. Even though I am from New York, Ohio is without a doubt my new home.

Recently, I have picked up a new game called euchre. It is commonly played by people in the Midwest and I had not heard of it before college. Since learning, I have quickly become hooked. I play usually 3-5 hours a day with some new friends on my floor. It’s fun for many reasons: but mainly because it involves more skill than luck.

The best part of learning is the new friends I have met on my floor that I had not talked to prior. I was also introduced to people who play my best card game: poker. It has made my second semester both constantly busy and consistently fun. I am so happy to be here at Ohio State!

This is the best hand you can have in euchre


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