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Resource Profile: The Writing Center

 Written by    February 6, 2017

Welp, Ohio State has this incredible thing called the Writing Center. It’s purrrdy great, if you ask me. However, I think it is a pretty under-used resource on campus that many people could really benefit from if they knew more about it. I am admittedly biased on this matter since I am currently taking a class in preparation to work in the writing center. BUT…that doesn’t mean I am any less right about it! So, I’ve put my mind to writing this blog to help both future and current students. (**wink, wink…nudge, nudge**)


The Writing Center has two physical locations (Smith Lab and Thompson Library), but also offers two types of online services! (Purrrdy great, I know). At the Smith Lab location, students make appointments in advance and come in for roughly hour-long sessions. The Writing Center in Thompson Library, though, accepts walk-in clients for roughly thirty minute sessions. And then, there’s the online services. The Writing Center offers a live online session option, which lasts an hour, as well as a drop-off option, where the tutor will get back to the client within 24-48 hours.

What Do They Do?

The Writing Center trains its consultants to be able to essentially address any concern that relates to the writing process, whether you’re looking for help in brainstorming topic ideas, organizing them, or even just the flow of a paper’s argument. The only thing they adamantly do not do is proofread/edit your papers. I should clarify, as well, that the Writing Center does not just work with academic writing, but also non-academic writing. So, resumes, cover letters, creative writing, and personal statements are also fair game.

Why Go?

I think there is a misconception that the only reason to go to a writing center, or a writing tutor, is because you are bad at writing. But this is definitely not the case! The writing center works with all ranges of writing abilities, across academic discipline. They even help students who are pursuing their masters and/or doctorate. Even egotistical English majors like myself who are probably too confident in their writing abilities can benefit from going. I know from experience! So, I’d encourage anyone to visit, even just to get a second, objective opinion on your writing. And remember, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your bed to do that with online sessions.

AND…it’s free!

So, maybe give it a thought. Click here to schedule an appointment.

Indecisively yours,



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