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Coming to terms with being 2,226 miles from home

 Written by    February 7, 2017

The holidays (aka Super Bowl Sunday) always tend to make people crave home. Maybe it was the food that wasn’t prepared in a dining hall, the presence of friends and family, or the utterly depressing thought of football season being over that had me missing my wonderful family. This begs the topic: how is life so far from home?

I can’t believe it has now been more than two years since I made the greatest decision of my life so far, to attend Ohio State. I want to start off by saying that I would not change a thing. I’ve had a wonderful experience here so far, and I am eternally grateful for the memories I have made, things I have learned, and people I have met.

I won’t sugarcoat things either. Being far away from home can be extremely difficult at times. I have to make alternative plans for many holidays such as Thanksgiving, when we only have a few days off, because I have to fly for an entire day in order to get home (no airlines offer direct flights from Columbus to San Diego).  If I decide that I need a relaxing, low key weekend away from the action of a college campus, going home isn’t really an option. And if I’m brutally homesick and just need to give my mom a hug, that’s much easier said than done. Honestly, being this far away from home can be horrible at times. My brother is becoming an adult, my family is evolving without me home, and they’re doing things together that I can’t be a part of. That’s rough. (And people can wear shorts in December in my hometown, too).

But like I said earlier, I still wouldn’t change a thing. All families change when a child leaves for college. Everyone is going to miss things when they leave for school, but I am experiencing so many new and awesome things at Ohio State. Here, I have so many opportunities that I would be missing out on at home. I have a lot of friends who go to school close to home who aren’t enjoying a “college experience” nearly as much as I am because they, along with many of their friends, leave campus most weekends.

Being away from home teaches people things. I’ve become stronger, smarter, and more independent. I’ve been forced to reach out and push through circumstances that will make me a better person in the long run. I’ve learned simple skills, like cooking and cleaning, but I’ve also gotten better at picking myself up when I’m down and confronting my own problems.

Ohio State is absolutely worth it. Although there are many moments where I am down in the dumps and want to be in my living room with my family, there are also so many moments here at school that make me incredibly grateful to be here. Maybe it’s singing Carmen in the Shoe, walking through the Oval on a beautiful day, laughing over a game of cards with friends, a quiet afternoon in Thompson, or the lively weekend atmosphere.

Plus, it makes going home so much more wonderful.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, outdoor

Freshman move-in day with Mom and Dad 🙂

Image may contain: people sitting, dog and indoor

This is one of my dogs. I miss them like people.

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And here is my younger brother Craig. He’s my best friend and a huge dork.


Push yourself and go far away from home! You won’t regret it!



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  1. Avatar David Buckley Sr says:

    Wonderfully written and by such a lovely young lady! Your parents (and brother) must be very proud of you. And how lucky THE Ohio State University is to have you as a Buckeye! You’re welcome at our house any day of the year!!!!

    Love, Papa 😉

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