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Working in the Language Lab

 Written by    February 9, 2017

Have you ever been to the COSI Electricity Show? You know, the one where a man with a microphone says a lot of crazy things about electricity and proceeds to make someone’s hair stand up? From a young age, I wanted to be that person up on COSI’s stage with a microphone. I might not have a microphone, but ten years later, I have found myself on COSI’s team.

My favorite class, The COSI Course, requires its students to log three hours a week in the Language Lab at COSI. The Language Lab is an Ohio State-run lab located in the LIFE exhibit. The course I am taking is in the Speech and Hearing, Linguistics, and Psychology departments. Through our time spent at COSI, we are learning about educational outreach and informal science learning.

I cannot explain to you how exciting this class is for me. I recently had my first shift at COSI and it was everything that I expected. First of all, I got to wear a white coat (any science major’s dream). Then I got to teach kids about speech and hearing. In other words, I played games and talked with at least forty COSI guests. Later, I got to watch research going on in the Pod. In future, I will be able to recruit participants for research studies. 

During my shift, I interacted with guests of all ages. I helped a little girl play with a spectrogram and a dyslexic boy show off his reading ability with the Stroop Effect. I cannot wait to perform more demos in front of such fun audiences.

I can’t forget one of the perks of working at COSI, however. Many people might cringe at the idea of riding a city bus, but it was my favorite part of the day. I got to ride the bus all the way downtown and then proceeded to walk half a mile through the city. I even took fun pictures to show all of you!


Next time you are at COSI, stroll up to the LIFE exhibit and look for my classmates performing demos. I would also advise you to seek out “education outreach” classes like this one. It has been such an amazing learning experience and I will be able to apply it directly to my future career as a speech pathologist.

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