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BuckeyeThon 2017

 Written by    February 16, 2017

BuckeyeThon 2017 was an absolute success! I had zero idea what to expect as I’d never participated before, but overall I’m proud and humbled by the Ohio State community’s ability to rally together to raise money for kids with cancer. We raised over $1.5 MILLION For the Kids!

As I mentioned in my previous post, BuckeyeThon raises money for kids in the Hematology/Oncology/BMT Department at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The Dance Marathon is a 24-hour period where individuals who raised $250 (the amount needed for a round of chemo) participate in a variety of activities throughout their 12-hour shift of dancing in the Union to dance for a cure.

I was on a team with my fellow Boo Radley Society members, and we were appropriately placed on the Yellow Team. Our BuckeyeThon Kids were Anna and Avalon, and both have incredible stories of their battle with cancer, and immediately my teammates and I were pumped to dance for these girls for the Grey Shift (during the day Saturday).

Avalon, one of our BuckeyeThon girls!

Featuring our girl, Anna and even Bradley made an appearance at BT!

We attended the opening ceremony, where the kids stole the red carpet, and dancers were motivated by Ohio State and Nationwide officials for the twelve hours of dancing ahead.

We went to the Archie Griffin Ballroom to watch the Morale Dance, and then the kids stole the stage (and our hearts AGAIN).

Each colored team had a designated area with supplies for making tutus and headbands, so we started at this station so we could plan out our day, which was great because then we made sure everyone got to do something they wanted to do.

From there we tried the Silent Disco, which gave participants headphones, controlled by the BuckeyeThon team, so only those on a certain station could hear the music. It was really funny to watch both with and without the headphones on as people would dance or sing along to the songs.

Other things on our agenda included: inflatables, Hungry Hungry Hippos, recess games, henna tattoos, snack time, and of course ringing the gong!

Every kid deserves to be a Boo!

Overall, I really enjoyed my BuckeyeThon experience. My teammates and I raised over $6,000 For The Kids, and we had a blast doing so. My favorite parts of the day involved interacting with the kids and their families. I loved getting to hear their stories, and watching them with a bunch of college kids was comical and wonderful. The parents were so thankful, treating us like we’d known them forever, and I left feeling so inspired. From playing video games with Pax and his brother Pace, to the yellow face paint smiley, and my yellow team girls, it was awesome getting to meet and get to know those who benefit from our efforts.

I’m proud of my teammates and the Ohio State community for coming together to raise over $1.5 million For The Kids. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself in to, but I had a blast and I’m hopeful our contributions bring us one step closer to ending cancer.

Learn more about BuckeyeThon

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