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6 Little Things Ohio State has to Offer

 Written by    February 14, 2017

If you’re considering Ohio State, I’m sure you’ve got a million things on your pros and cons list. Not to overload you, but here are a few more things to add. All of the below are things I didn’t know/didn’t think about before I accepted my admission.

  1. We’re a Coca-Cola sponsored campus. Which means that your dining dollars and swipes can only buy you coke products. Also, Scott dining hall has several Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, which offers you any flavor or any type of Coke product you want.
  2. Crimson Cup has our coffee shop bid, so if you’re into hot bitter caffeine, that’s the type you’ll be getting. It’s good coffee, in my humble opinion. (Good enough that I formed a nice healthy caffeine addiction last semester, at least.)

    We got these personalized reusable bottles on move-in day. They’re good for a fill in any dining hall, and they have a chip on the bottom that comes with ten free sodas from other places that will fill you up. Plus, if you bring your own cup to one of the shops for coffee, you pay the price of a small.

  3. The Ohio Union Activities Board (OUAB) plans fun stuff to do all year long. A small fee (it’s like $25) is built into tuition, and as a result you get visits from people like Ke$ha, Keenan Thompson, video calls with Edward Snowden, Karaoke nights, free movies, and so much more. It’s amazing.
  4. D-tix! AKA cheap things! Gateway movies tickets, Italian festival, Ballet Met, off-Broadway shows… all of it for a discounted price.

    We’ve done this more than once, so yeah, it’s normal.

  5. THE BEDS ARE SO COMFORTABLE. I like my school bed more than my home bed.
  6. Tapingo, the most convenient app ever. It allows you to order food from all university dining places and some commercial restaurants outside of campus. With the app you can order food for delivery or pickup from pretty much any place you want. For university dining, you can use your dining plan, and for other restaurants you can use BuckID cash as forms of payment. It gives you the entire menu of a place and a wait time. Some places on campus (AKA will take your dining plan) like the PAD, Oxley’s, and Marketplace on Neil, will even deliver. And by delivery? I mean straight to the lobby of your dorm. Also, places that don’t normally deliver—Panera, Chipotle, Walgreens—actually do here at Ohio State.


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