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Ohio State: A Hotbed for Comedy?

 Written by    February 27, 2017

One great (though unexpected) thing I’ve discovered about Ohio State is that there always seems to be a free comedy show going on. On Thursday night I went to an event put on by the Ohio Union Activities Board (OUAB) that hosted Colin Jost and Michael Che from Saturday Night Live! I’ve really been enjoying their regular weekend update sketch on SNL this season, so I jumped at the chance to see them live, and they did not disappoint! They each did their own stand up set, then they went on stage together and talked about some of the sketches they wrote for SNL that never made it on air, which I found really interesting. I loved seeing how they were able to play off each other so well, and they were very in sync with the other’s sense of humor.

Colin and Michael at their Weekday Update show at the Union on Thursday. Photo credit: OUABĀ 

The comedy show I went to on Saturday night was also entertaining and very funny, if slightly less prestigious. I went to the Fancy Fun Show by the Backburner Sketch Comedy group, a student-run group. I had seen a few improv groups before on campus, but Backburner was different because their sketches were written and rehearsed ahead of time. They were really good! They had a lot of good running jokes and themes that reappeared throughout different sketches, and they did a great job lampooning things that happen around campus, like the cheesy OUAB video that plays before all of their events.

Photo credit: Backburner Sketch Comedy

Whether they’re SNL actors or fellow students, I’ve been spending my nights with a lot of comedians lately! Who knew Ohio State had so much to offer in the way of humor?

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