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Be an OWL!

 Written by    March 2, 2017

I am sitting at a picnic table behind the Union, doing some homework (sort of), minding my own business (hardly). Tour groups are pouring out of the inside of the Union: mobs of angsty high school seniors are drudging after the tour guide, and their parents are standing a little too close for their high school senior swag (seriously, only the parents ask questions on those things anyway).

To prove my point, one of the dads (we’ll call him Mr. Dad) hovers over the tour guide and asks, “Wow, is move-in day really as efficient as they say it is?”

I have no idea what the tour guide told him because they moseyed out of earshot.

But yes, Mr. Dad, it is. It might look hectic, but there is a reason why the press covers The Ohio State University’s move-in day. We’re just that good at basically everything.

The best part is that move-in day is so efficient because of the students. From the moment you get on campus in August, you are directed by student volunteers and state troopers that are usually there anyway. There are fraternities and sororities that help move people into the residence halls, but mostly it is the OWL program that does such a swell job of unloading the precariously-packed vans of 45,000 students in one day.

The OWL program, or the Ohio State Welcome Leaders, is a great opportunity for you to experience a quiet dorm for once–I mean, a great opportunity for you to develop your leadership skills. Any enrolled student living in the residence halls can apply, and the OWLs get to move in a couple days earlier than everybody else.

I highly recommend the OWL program for any incoming freshman for the fall of 2017; it is a great way to meet people the first day you’re at Ohio State, and you get a ton of opportunities to get familiar with campus before classes start–a huge perk that most people won’t get!

Applications will be available mid-march, and can be found here.

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