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Why Ohio State?

 Written by    March 3, 2017

Popular question. Really easy answer…well for me at least.

Umm, have you seen this campus? I’m not saying it’s the #1 reason why I picked this school but…have you seen it?

On my tour during my senior year of high school I fell in love with the campus. The Oval especially. People always point out how big this campus is, and yes, it’s huge. But on most days I’d rather walk to class than take the bus simply because I truly love the atmosphere around here. But of course if you’re not big on getting your steps in, you can always take the Campus Area Bus Service.

Another reason I chose to go to Ohio State was because of the many majors they offer here. I was nervous about the major I was applying to get into my freshman year because what if I didn’t get in? Was there another major I could jump into or would I be stuck studying some subject I didn’t truly care about? Luckily, Ohio State has 200+ majors and they don’t pressure you to choose one as soon as you get here. I enrolled undecided and was able to pick my major after I took some classes I was interested in. (I truly recommend this process, your parents might not like it, but it’s better to go in with options than to start studying a subject you really aren’t passionate about).

The third, and absolute main reason why I chose The Ohio State University was because of the pride that students, staff and alumni have for this school. Growing up in Ohio it’s literally impossible to walk a couple miles without seeing an Ohio State flag or a “GO BUCKS” bumper sticker. But even more than that, most of the people in my life who have made an impression on me (teachers, neighbors, coworkers) have been students of Ohio State! The people I’ve learned from, those I’ve taken advice from, the people I look up to! They all had that in common and they were all so proud of where they went to school. I figured there had to be something about this place that gave people so much pride.

And boy was I right!

After almost two full years of going to school here I honestly can’t imagine a better place for me. A big school that is made tremendously smaller with the help of the closest friends I’ve ever had. A school that has so much pride we actually take the time to say THE before saying our own name. A school that employs some amazing (!) advisors who really do care about my future. And a school that challenges me academically to be better than I ever thought I could be.

So yeah..that’s Why Ohio State.

I got the pics of campus from this cool page on Ohio State’s website. Check it out! (scroll to the middle of the page and click on #myohiostate)



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