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TEDx Talks at Ohio State!

 Written by    March 6, 2017

Haaaaave you met Ted?

I mean, haaaaave you seen a TED talk?

Cuz that’s what we’re promoting with TEDxOhioStateUniversity: Ideas Worth Spreading.

If you’ve walked by the Oval any time in the past couple of days, you’ve probably seen the “X marks the spot” TEDx chalk. You’ve probably also seen us at the Union with our massive X and our posters all around campus advertising our main event.

What can I say?

We’re doing some serious idea spreading.

All the buzz is around the TEDxOhioStateUniversity main event on March 25th, “Precipice.” Tickets are on sale on our website now. Every year, we host an event with about 1,000 attendees and 11-12 main speakers and performers and, of course, lunch. If you’ve ever seen a TED talk, you know how cool they are: they all have innovative ideas that challenge societal norms. SO COOL.

So with all the attention TEDx is getting on campus right now, people have been asking me what the student org behind the TEDx talks does. I thought it would be interesting to talk about what I do in the student org–the backstage stuff.

You do have to interview to get into TEDx. We’re a serious student org–no sitting around and eating pizza! (Actually, we do eat and do fun stuff. But we’re also legit.) Our goal for every year is to put on four small (as in 100-300 people) satellite events and one main event every academic year (which is the one coming up in March). The org is broken into eight subcommittees, with tasks ranging from coaching speakers to marketing to community outreach to finance to planning satellite events (that’s my committee–#OutreachRepresent). Over the course of a year, each committee has its own tasks to plan for the main event or the smaller satellite events hosted throughout the year.

TED talks are super cool, yeah. But the other great part of TEDx at Ohio State is the people. We have a wide range of majors bound by a common interest of delving deeper into ideas with open minds.

We’re at TEDx.osu.edu. What a website. What an event. What a culture.


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