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Not Your Typical “College” Spring Break

 Written by    March 6, 2017

When people mention the words “spring break” and “college” together, you probably picture something like rowdy groups of half naked college students¬†with a drink in hand raving on a beach in Florida somewhere. We’ve all seen it in the movies before. Is that what it actually looks like? I wouldn’t know.

For the past two years, I have been more than happy to go home for spring break and just spend time with my family enjoying being free of the busy college lifestyle for a week. This year, however, I am going to try something different.

Ohio State has a program called Buck-I-SERV that sends groups of college students to do a week of service all over the country (and sometimes abroad!). The different service trips range from cleaning up hiking trails in the mountains, to building houses in the south, to working with the homeless population in a big city. I have always wanted to try one of these trips but have always been hesitant to give up my break and free time. Many of my friends have gone in the past and have had good experiences and have made friends despite not knowing anyone initially. So going on one of these trips has been something that I have had on my “college bucket list” of sorts. Once you graduate, there will be plenty of opportunities to go to the beach on vacation but when are you ever going to have a whole week to go do service somewhere where everything is planned and all of the participants are your same age?

So, I decided to sign up for Buck-I-SERV for this spring break and will be going to Atlanta, GA. Our trip is with the Medici project that does service around the city focusing on homelessness, poverty, hunger, and underprivileged youth. I’m excited for the warm weather, new people, to explore the city, and to give back to the community.

Stay tuned to see how sleeping on the floor of a church for a week and helping others goes!


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