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The Country We Love With Diane Guerrero

 Written by    March 8, 2017

Last week, I attended yet another amazing OUAB event: seeing actress Diane Guerrero speak.

I love Orange is the New Black, and I expected her talk to be about her time on the show, but most of her talk was about her experiences being the child of undocumented immigrants who were deported when she was in high school. Although it wasn’t what I was expecting, it was still really interesting to hear about her life.

This event felt especially timely considering recent U.S. government events, and it was a great way to hear a story of someone personally affected by deportation, which made it feel much more real than just reading an article online. I was especially touched by when she talked about how her friend’s families took her in after her parents were deported.

It’s so great that Ohio State brings in speakers who are not only celebrities, but who use their fame to advocate for causes they believe in and who are willing to educate college students about these causes. Plus, it’s really cool to say that I’ve seen two Orange is the New Black actresses speak during my time at Ohio State!


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