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Safe Zones at Ohio State

 Written by    March 13, 2017

Last week, I attended an LGBT Safe Zone training put on by Ohio State’s Multicultural Center. As someone who is involved in several LGBT groups on campus, I went as a refresher on information I was already somewhat familiar with. However, I was excited to see that most of the other participants in the training were Ohio State faculty and staff members who were eager to make their classrooms and departments into Safe Zones–some staff from the Wooster campus had even come to Columbus for the training!

The training was led by the Ohio State Multicultural Center‘s LGBT intercultural specialist, who told us all about what we needed to know to provide Safe Zones for LGBT students. We discussed the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity, the importance of using everyone’s correct gender pronouns, how to support someone going through the coming out process, and more. At the end of the training, all of the participants received a cool safe zone magnet with the rainbow symbol seen above. (Mine is currently on the fridge in my apartment) So if you’re on campus and see that symbol, you’ll know that someone nearby has participated in this Safe Zone training!

It’s so great that Ohio State provides opportunities for the Ohio State community to make the campus safer for LGBT people, and I think it’s awesome that so many faculty and staff members spent their afternoon committing to making a difference in their departments!

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