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Finding Refuge During Midterms

 Written by    March 14, 2017

Today I’m going to talk about midterms. You may think this post would have been more appropriate if I had written it last week, when I had three midterms in a span of two days. The reason I couldn’t do that was because I was too busy studying for my midterms. Go figure.

So, midterms are rough, yes, and they require a lot of studying, but that doesn’t mean I had zero time to escape from my books. As a matter of fact, being able to go out and do things besides studying probably kept me sane this past week.

On Monday night, I went to a meeting for Ohio State’s Swing Dance Club. I’ve never done any dancing before, but I saw a sign for the club by the elevators on my floor and decided to go. It’s been a lot of fun! We’ve been learning the Charleston for the last two weeks I’ve been going, and last Monday we had a jam circle, where one or two people go in the circle and everyone else cheers them on. I was nervous about doing it (and probably messed up a couple of times,) but I didn’t fall on my face and everyone still clapped for me, so I’ll call it a success!

On Tuesday night, my Scholars program held a Jeopardy themed-trivia night. Some of the categories, like US Presidents and American history, were right up my alley. My team came in second, but we still had a good time arguing with and correcting the “hosts.”

Finally, on Friday afternoon, I decided surviving all my midterms warranted a celebration, so I went to UDF and got myself a chocolate shake before getting on the bus to go home for break, where I can forget all about my midterms (at least until grades come in.)

It tasted like chocolate, relief, and spring break

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