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First Day of Spring

 Written by    March 21, 2017

Or so people tell me. But with it still being cold and spring break having ended, it doesn’t quite feel like the first day of spring. According to the calendar it is though. Seems rather arbitrary.

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I supposed it rained, so there’s a plus.

And speaking of spring break, how was everyone’s? Mine was mundane sitting around the house doing nothing of importance. It was great, being a cat. And it’s given me a chance to rest and reset, and prepared me to meet future challenges…mostly.

It’s only a month or so till the end of the semester, and thinking about it like that makes it seem like a short time. So hang in there and do your best. There are still plenty of things happening before summer where we all madly scramble to precious freedom. So take a look and see what’s happening. Or just do whatever.

And as an unrelated aside, I’ve noticed that I can’t tell when it’s about to rain here in Columbus. Back home I could always tell when it was about to rain because of petrichor.

Image result for petrichor

And no it’s not just a Doctor Who thing.

Petrichor. The smell of dust after and during rain. I’ll add before rain to the official definition. To those of you who haven’t smelled it, its a very rich, earthy, warm smell. It’s very very pleasant really. The nasal equivalent to mild spices. But I don’t at all notice that smell in Columbus. I voiced that earlier and someone pointed out that there’s not much dust in Columbus either. So fair’s fair. Though I personally would take the dust just for the rain.

In any case, Monday’s down. And we got the rest of the semester waiting. So onward!…Even if grudgingly.

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Parfum Ad: (http://www.deviantart.com/art/Petrichor-For-The-Girl-Who-s-Tired-Of-Waiting-326837322)

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