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Finding A Roommate

 Written by    March 24, 2017

So you’ve been accepted to Ohio State! Welcome to the fam. Next, you’ve gotta decide where you want to live and more importantly, who you want to live with. And this can be scary.

At least for me it was. I’m a pretty self-aware person, so I know I am not easy to live with. Like at all. Like I’m literally the worst. I get annoyed pretty easily, I snore awfully loudly, I wake up early, stay up late, and I eat pretty much everything (except cole slaw because ew). So I knew that finding a roommate was going to be a big deal for me.

Luckily, I found out that one of my close friends was going to Ohio State as well. Before immediately agreeing to live together we decided to ask the most important questions, and after a pretty thorough interview process we decided to room together. I know some people won’t have the luxury of finding a good friend to live with so here are some quick tips when interviewing a stranger about becoming roommates.

1.) The most important part about living with someone is communication. Well, the most important part about any person-to-person relationship is communicating (and I’m not just saying that because I’m a communications major). But when living in the same space as someone it is imperative that you talk about what you expect from your roommate, any boundaries that you have, and anything you easily get annoyed by.

2.) The second most important thing that you’ll want to talk to your roommate about is your habits. Do you listen to music as you fall asleep? Do you tend to throw your clothes around after you get dressed? Do you stay up late or wake up super early? It’s important to communicate this stuff so you both know what to expect when living together.

3.)  There may be some topics that you feel strongly about; abortion, gay marriage, religion, the death penalty. And you may want the person you’re living with to have the same viewpoints as you. I’ve witnessed some pretty messy situations where roommates find out that they can’t stay in the same room as each other without arguing about their beliefs. At times it can create some stronger friendships as you learn about things from someone else’s perspective but sometimes it just creates an unlivable situation. So don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions if they are important to you.

4.) There are definitely more questions you should ask, but the last tip I’ll give you is to just get a feel for the personality of your possible roommate. There are some personalities that just don’t mesh well together and others that are practically perfect. The saying “opposites attract” is not always right. For my roommate and I, it definitely applies, but that’s not always the case for everyone. Find someone who you won’t mind coming home to every day.

All in all, finding a roommate could be the one thing that is causing you anxiety about next year. I’m here to tell you if you are discerning and particular about who you want to live with, you can find the perfect candidate. Don’t be afraid to ask the questions that matter to you, you might just find yourself a life long friend!



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