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Emergencies at Ohio State

 Written by    March 28, 2017

Aside from the emergencies of exams and various social obligations, there are very real emergencies that happen on the Ohio State campus. While not all are as serious as the terrorist event that occurred in November, it is still important to know where to seek shelter on campus.

Ohio State does a very good job of informing its faculty, staff, and students about potentially hazardous events through various platforms, such as social media and a text alert system called Buckeye Alert. Furthermore, emails are also sent out when an arrest is made around or on campus by the Columbus Police Department.

I have experienced the safety protocol of Ohio State several times. In November, the campus enacted a “shelter-in-place.” We received updates through the text alerts, and all of the instructors and staff were well-prepared for the event despite the jarring situation. Just this past weekend, there were several tornado warnings; we received several text messages about the weather updates and buildings like the Union closed in order to encourage students to find shelter.

In addition, most of campus is very well lit at night. There are also frequently-placed direct lines to 9-1-1, indicated by a pole with a blue light at the top. Also available for late-night transportation is the campus police and the campus ride service.

At the risk of sounding like everybody’s mom: all of these measures are in place in order to protect us from the consequences of unforeseeable events; you are still responsible for your own decisions. College is exciting for many reasons! My advice is don’t let that excitement turn into regret.

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